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The Kingdom of Kaznia


The nation of Kaznia.  A frequent locale in the current Superman/Justice League cartoons.  The flag appears in the very first episode of Superman Adventures, on a Kaznian freighter.  It would seem to be in Eastern or Central Europe somewhere.


An alternate-universe US flag--or, more accurately, USSA flag, for 'Union of Soviet States of America'--that makes an appearance in 'This Godless Communism," an American anti-Red-propaganda comic from the 60's.  "What if the US were conquered by the commies?" is the question posed in the amusingly ham-fisted pamphlet, which actually features a foreword delivered by the cartoon likeness of J. Edgar Hoover, though--boringly--in gender-appropriate garb. A general sprinkling of theological language throughout and an afteword by a priest seem to suggest a considerable degree of involvement by the Catholic church.
The flag design is very similar to than that used in the 80's miniseries Amerika , though more generic and less localized.  I like the two-tone red of the stripes and canton, though.

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