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Gundam SEED

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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED / Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED

Here are a few flags from the recent sci-fi anime Gundam SEED,the latest installment in the long-running Gundam saga.  SEED is concerned principally with a messy war, fought on Earth and in cislunar space, between the PLANTS (a group of space habitats occupied by genetically enhanced humans known as Coordinators) and the Earth Alliance (a loose union of squabbling 1984-style superstates, motivated by nationalism, mutual distrust and anti-coordinator prejudice).


The flag of ZAFT, the military and political organization established by the PLANTS.  The acronym stands for Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty.  The flag is featured a number of times in the course of SEED—the clearest view is in episode 16 where one billows majestically in the background as Defense Commission Chairman Patrick Zala delivers a fiery speech to the ZAFT Supreme Council. The central symbol appears throughout the series as the ZAFT c-o-a, usually on display screens, with several-shades-darker colors and the inscription ‘Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty’ in black, upward-curved script nestled under the light-blue flattened circle.  An alternate version of the flag seems to exist, with intricate golden filigree around the edges:


I have seen this variation on promotional material, but not in the actual series. It might be the flag of an element of the ZAFT government.

Update:  Did I call it, or what?  It appears as a backdrop in episode 32, when Zala takes over the chairmanship from Siegel Clyne.  Based on this, I think we can assume with some confidence that this is the flag of the ZAFT Supreme Council.


The flag of OMNI (Oppose Militancy and Neutralize Invasion), the Earth’s counterpart to ZAFT.  Like ZAFT, this somewhat awkwardly acronymmed entity is a kind of NATO-like supranational organization.  It seems to be a parallel institution to and/or military arm of the civilian, UN-like Earth Alliance, which by contrast seems largely irrelevant, constantly sidelined by bickering between member states, with little influence and no evident flag or c-o-a.  The SEED series also features two subnational entities, both loosely associated with OMNI: the guerilla faction Desert Dawn and the anti-coordinator extremist movement Blue Earth, but I have yet to see a symbol associated with either of them.  This flag's central symbol is reminiscent of the UN logo with a heavily stylized wreath.  OMNI’s HQ is on the moon, possibly the reason for its inclusion in its arms. It's military personnel wear a shoulder patch with a simplified OMNI symbol in a different color scheme.


The OMNI shoulder patch.


The ZAFT shoulder insignia
There are a number of neutral states on the sidelines of the war, the most important being the United Emirates of Orb.  Renamed the Orb Union in the English dub, presumably because 'Emirates' would be too controversial nowadays or something--moronic--, Orb is apparently located at or around what would currently be Malaysia or Indonesia. Wealthy, diverse and and technologically advanced, it also posesses at least one Island-Three type space colony with heavy manufacturing facilities. While it is apparently a constitutional monarchy, the sovereign--termed a 'Lord'--has quite a bit of influence. I haven't spotted a flag yet, but something should pop up in due course--Orb plays a major role in the second half of the series.

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