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Southern Cross

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Super-Dimensional Century Southern Cross/Robotech 

Southern Cross

The flag of the nation-state of Southern Cross, from the anime series of the same name, and--by proxy--from Robotech.  It appears in the title sequence.  Not too inspired a design--that bird looks like it belongs in a poultry coop, not a coat of arms.  Southern Cross was a middling series that never received a standalone US release, but instead found itself merged with two unrelated series to form, Frankenstein-style, the 80's US series Robotech.  As a side effect, the unholy union caused the fictional polity of Southern Cross to--rather uniquely--occupy two completely different and unrelated timelines, and to therefore (as a bonus) simoultaneously exist on Earth and on the faraway colony planet of Gloire, the setting of the Southern Cross series (for Robotech, which remained firmly Earthbound, the setting had to be changed to Earth. An extra moon was painstakingly edited out of the footage to pass muster)

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