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The Simpsons

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The deliberately obfuscated state where the Simpsons live.

State of ???

This is the first flag the series uses for the State of X. I believe it appears in an episode from one of the early seasons, in which evil local magnate Monty Burns runs for governor.


The second flag, which appears somewhere around season 13 or 14.  It features in a gag where the State Legislature debates changing the flag, pointing out that it is particularely embarrasing as State X is a northern state. I found the way the Confederate banner is beauty-lit and posed particularly amusing, in a sort of deliberately shameless and egregious way.
The Church of Burns
In the episode where the whole town joins the Movementarian cult, Mr. Burns decides that he too ought to be worshipped as a god.  Below, the banner of Burnsianity.  Burnsianism?  Whatever.  A pair of them can be seen draped down the side of the power plant's cooling towers.

The Church of C. Montgomery Burns


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