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ZOIDS: Chaotic Century

Originally a long-lived line of turn-based strategy games and plastic model kits based on humongous zoomorphic battle robots, the source material was recently adapted into several sucessful part-CG cartoon series.  The first of these--subtitled 'Chaotic Century' in the US release--takes place on a planet called Zi, as a war is raging between the Helic Republic and the Guylos Empire. Both flags appear in the opening sequence, and follow a similar design convention of a rather creatively designed crest on a simple white field.


The Helic Republic.  Capital is New Helic city; the Republic is a breakaway province, smaller and poorer than the Empire, and close to defeat as the series begins--in fact, there's a running gag about the shoddy quality of Republican munitions.


The Guylos Empire. Capital: Guygalos.  The Empire is having a spot of internal trouble; the old emperor drops dead early in the series, paving way for a nasty little power struggle between his young sucessor and an overly ambitious lord.


NOTE: this flag is conjectural. The Zenebas Empire does not make an appearance in the TV series, but it does figure in the strategy games and in supplemental materials, where we see a crest.  Since all the other flags follow a similar 'c-o-a on white background' convention I replicated it here. Normally I follow a strict policy of only displaying actual confirmed flags that have appeared or been described in a work of fiction, but in this case I'm making an exception--the only one on the site, so far. 
By the way, is it just me or does that winged snake remind you of Zorak?

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